Mission & Values


Watermedia painting is a complex and specialized medium with a long and valued tradition.  The Society shall serve to educate its members and community in the medium and art of watermedia.  Through demonstrations, presentations, guest artists, exhibitions, workshops and painting days, members are encouraged to develop their work as artists – whether hobbyist or professional.


The RRWS is a non-profit, international organization of volunteer art lovers who strive to advance the appreciation and education of the community and artists at all levels about watermedia.


To provide a diverse selection of watermedia and related opportunities for the RRWS members and to build a world-class community through education, innovation and collaboration with and for artists.


  • Inspire and Educate the community and artists to learn and appreciate more about watermedia;
  • Provide a caring and mentoring environment for new and emerging artists at RRWS;
  • Be active in the arts community and provide support for all mediums and artists
  • Be judicious in the management of all of our resources